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Welcome to Make Hydro Generators. 

Over the past 5 years we have been making and selling Hydrogen Generators, and have come a long way since then.

We have developed over 32 new and different products, and are happy to be selling our 32nd prototype. This generator is made out of polymers from Gemany that are extremely strong, and are rated for 257 F.

In the past many Hydrogen Generators have issues with leaking. With our new designs and building techniques, we have yet to have a leak or a problem that wasn't incurred by shipping. 

The stainless steel we use is made from the finest we could find. ( 316 l ) We have a total of 128 sq. inches of surface area to product Hydrogen. One of our unit styles is made in China so we can sell a generator that any one can afford and still have superior quality.

Each of our models was better than the one before because  of our design technics, and the fact that we incorporate fixes to any problems we have found.  These are the changes adn improvements that went into our newest design # 32, making it a problem free generator.

Our smallest generator is 5.5 inches wide , 10.5 inches high and 2.5 inches deep. It holds 1 liter of distilled water and is controlled by the strength of the electrolyte in the water. Each generator is a sealed by high frequency wielding to prevent leaking. Each generator is designed to last 2 or more years  and if Sodium Citrate is used maybe 3 or 4 years because its a food additive and is not corrosive.  Pay back if installed on a semi is about 8 days and on other vehicles it depends on driving.

Due to the DIY industry, we have  been selling the new Galaxy Kit.The kit allows you to save some money with the fun of putting the kit together.

We have found our new VOLO chips to have superior performance to previous versions.( Volo High Performance chip have a 100% success rate. We have had some vehicle owners claiming of now gaining any power or full improvements, but after they changed the sensors in their vehicle, that were BAD, the chip did it's job.
One of our test vehicles was found to have 3 bad sensors. Imagine something with a one year warranty expected to work after many years.  If you have a code , you will need to fix it before you will notice any big improvements. We have also found out bad sensors sometimes don't throw a code.

Over 4500 generators out there and happy customers saving fuel.

Click on the How To link to see some information about making, installing and using a Hydrogen Generator, or click on the Store link to order our products.

  Our Generators produce Brown gas ( Distilled water split into Hydrogen and Oxygen ) We have 100% customer satisfaction when our Generators are used on cars 1998 and older and Motor Homes and tractors .  generators, irrigation pumps , Grain Dryers , And the newer engines with  computer program installed you just have to install the ECO Chip  and then you can get up to 50% better MPG.Effiececy is 17 watts to one ml of HHO

The Galaxy 1  is a 10 cell highly effiecent generator that is hand crafted to have no current leakage and will last over 3 years of ordinary use. At 10 amps it will produce 1 liter of HHO and at 15 amps will produce 2 liters of HHO. That 7.5 watts per ML. that beats almost everyone. Ask how many watts to a Ml of HHO. The Galaxy 1 will run up to a 3.9 liter engine. The Galaxy 2 with new plates and spacing will run up to a 6.0 liter engine.