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Over the past 7 years we have been making and selling Hydrogen Generators, and have come a long way since then.

We still have 500  left of our Hydro Star generator we had made in China. When it came out in 2008 it was top of the line. Now after 5000 sales it has been replaced my The Galaxy (  produces enough HHO for a 3 liter engine) and the Galaxy Y  ( up to an 8 liter engine ). And in the last but not least THE BIG BOY ( it will produce enough HHO for a 24 liter engine.

You could say we came a long way baby.
When Pulse width Modelers were $400.00 they are now down to $120.00 for a 40 amp.
We can now give you a   Galaxy Y with a P.W.M. and guage  that will run all winter with no freeze up and you set your amps and it will stay there. The electrolyte will last you 6 months to a year and all you add is distilled water.

We are using Darol Masons Designs and we are happy to say that our latest  generators are 185% efficient. 
Where I used to use 65 amps on a series 60 Detroit 14 lt diesel engine I can now do it for 15 amps .

On the same engine we could get 15% savings and now with our new Diesel tuners ( $120.00 ) we have some truckers getting 35% and one with our new tuner has reported 50% but there is only one made , still in development.

We have a full range of tuners that are made by Our engineer Darol Mason.
The NARROW BAND  is used on Ford and chevy up to around 2010  then they switched to
The over seas cars use WIDE BAND sensors and our domestic late models
then we have the 2.5 volt off set.........Dodge , Jeep , CHRYSLER.
Not to be left out is the diesel is used on all big or small . Made to work on all of them. Now some have went to Wide Band sensors   so you need to make sure.

How do they work????

Send me a email and I will bouce you the instructions , just make sure you state what engine and your name.
My email is       or    call   240-715-5000

01/21/2015   We have found out that when the VOLO chip works it really works , but every thing have to be in good shape . MR. Hasley in IN.  drives a 1999 Silverado pickup and was getting 16 mph and using MY Galaxy Y  ( $415.00 ) and a Volo chip jumped to 30 MPG. So let me state here those gain are very rare. I tryed to buy his pickup but he would not sell it to me.

There are many who get 35% to 50 5 BUT SOME HAVE BAD SENSORS OR COMPUTER AND YOU NEVER KNOW UNTIL you buy the chip  ( $95.00 ) and no refund on electronics .

We have found our new VOLO chips to have superior performance to previous versions.( Volo High Performance chip have a 70% success rate. We have had some vehicle owners claiming of now gaining any power or full improvements, but after they changed the sensors in their vehicle, that were BAD, the chip did it's job.
One of our test vehicles was found to have 3 bad sensors. Imagine something with a one year warranty expected to work after many years.  If you have a code , you will need to fix it before you will notice any big improvements. We have also found out bad sensors sometimes don't throw a code.

Over 4500 generators out there and happy customers saving fuel.

Click on the How To link to see some information about making, installing and using a Hydrogen Generator, or click on the Store link to order our products.

  Our Generators produce Brown gas ( Distilled water split into Hydrogen and Oxygen ) We have 100% customer satisfaction when our Generators are used on cars 1998 and older and Motor Homes and tractors .  generators, irrigation pumps , Grain Dryers , And the newer engines with  computer program installed you just have to install the ECO Chip  and then you can get up to 50% better MPG.Effiececy is 17 watts to one ml of HHO

The Galaxy 1  is a 10 cell highly effiecent generator that is hand crafted to have no current leakage and will last over 3 years of ordinary use. At 10 amps it will produce 1 liter of HHO and at 15 amps will produce 2 liters of HHO. That 7.5 watts per ML. that beats almost everyone. Ask how many watts to a Ml of HHO. The Galaxy 1 will run up to a 3.9 liter engine. The Galaxy 2 with new plates and spacing will run up to a 6.0 liter engine.